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‘Tis the Season for Fort Lauderdale DUI Checkpoints
10 December
NotGuilty.Law - Consequences of a DUI Conviction

Everyone loves having a good time. And American culture dictates that many of us love a good happy hour, especially after a tough week at the office. Culture also dictates that once you reach 21 you MUST celebrate with as many alcoholic beverages as your body can tolerate. Although excessively drinking is never recommended, it does happen. But as long as you are responsible and have a designated driver, or can call for a ride, theoretically, there shouldn’t be a problem. But what happens when you decide to literally take matters into your own hands and you jump behind the wheel? You are not only risking a citation, but permanent consequences that could land you behind bars or worse...dead.

Even if by some miracle you only get stopped by the cops and don’t cause an accident, there are still ramifications that can plague you if you receive a DUI or DUI conviction.

A DUI conviction could mean a revocation of your license. If it is your first offense, your license could be taken away for up to two years. Getting around in Fort Lauderdale without a car or license is annoying to say the least. Acquiring a DUI attorney will definitely benefit you more if and when it comes to sentencing.

Nowadays, most employers conduct background checks. A DUI conviction popping up could cost you a potential job. Colleges, property owners and even landlords may conduct background checks as well. A conviction looks bad on your character and could be the deciding factor in whether or not you get admitted into a school, or secure that apartment you’ve had your eye on for months.

Getting a DUI conviction could cost you the job you already have. Between court dates, community service hours and maybe even jail time, your employer may see you as more of a liability than an asset. Even a DUI attorney can’t force your employer to keep you on board at your job. They can only fight for you in court.

If you receive a DUI in Fort Lauderdale, the first order of business is to retain a DUI attorney. Finding good representation can definitely mean the difference in the type of punishment you receive. A DUI attorney knows the ins and outs of the law and will be able to help you fare better than you would on your own.

A DUI conviction will for sure affect your auto insurance rates. Insurance companies view these drivers as “high risk.” Expect your insurance rates to skyrocket for at least the next few years.
Your image will be smeared, both personally and professionally. Friends may think differently of you and co-workers may want to avoid you at all costs. A DUI conviction affects more than you, it affects those around you.
The next time you’re out drinking, think twice - Is it worth getting behind the wheel and risking it all? But if you do find yourself in a situation, call a DUI attorney who has your best interest at heart.


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