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Are You Facing Drug Charges in Fort Lauderdale? Understand Your Rights
20 October
Are You Facing Drug Charges in Fort Lauderdale? Understand Your Rights

We all make mistakes. But some can cost us our future. Among the most serious is getting arrested for a drug crime. Fort Lauderdale cops are getting more aggressive when it comes to the war on drugs. Each day, countless people are arrested for drug-related crimes. Some are among the most violent criminals walking the streets. However, many others are naive kids who are caught in the wrong place at the wrong time or even completely innocent. If you have been arrested for possession, distribution or any kind of drug crime, it can be an extremely confusing and difficult time. But the key is to understand your rights.

Silence is Golden

When it comes to drug charges in Fort Lauderdale, most people do not properly know their rights. Getting arrested can be a scary and stressful experience. It is not unusual for suspects to resist and even try to fight police officers. But sometimes the best course of action is to do or say nothing. We have all heard of the Miranda Rights. The first and most fundamental is the right to remain silent. Many people make the mistake of incriminating themselves by making threats or divulging too much information to the police. If you have been arrested, it is important to stay calm. Do not allow the police to intimidate you with their own threats. Whatever you tell an officer can be used against you in a court of law. Make sure to consult with a Fort Lauderdale drug charge defense attorney right away.

Police Make Mistakes Too

Police officers are not infallible when it comes to dealing with drug crimes. A drug suspect has the right to challenge the actions by the arresting officer. However, it is important to gather evidence to back up your claims. Make sure to get the names and addresses of every witness at the scene of your arrest. Then, file a written record immediately. It is important to keep in mind the police and law enforcement officials will be aggressively gathering evidence to build their case against you. To successfully defend yourself, it is important to do the same.

Fort Lauderdale Drug Charges and What They Mean

The most common drug crime in Fort Lauderdale is possession. But drug possession can mean a lot of things. A drug possession charge simply means officers believe you had contact with drugs or they were on your occupied property. If drugs were found in your home, car or garden, you can be charged--even if the drugs do not belong to you. The prosecution must prove you knew about the drugs and had intention of possessing it.

Drug charges in Fort Lauderdale can carry a heavy penalty. An arrest can make your life miserable. It is best to do nothing until you speak with a criminal defense attorney. A highly trained Fort Lauderdale drug charge defense lawyer can effectively protect your rights and map out a strategy to provide the best possible defense. To learn more on how a criminal defense attorney can help, contact Anthony F. Anise and schedule a consultation to discuss your options.

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