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Driver’s License Violations


Driver’s License Violations

In Florida, the ability to operate a motor vehicle is a privilege, not a right. It is necessary for all drivers follow the rules, else their license can become canceled, suspended, or revoked. Unfortunately, with the practical necessity of having a vehicle, some drivers break the law and drive without a license. Driving with a canceled, suspended, or revoked license can result in severe penalties from the state.

How do I get a license suspension in Aventura?

There are many reasons why a driver can lose their driving privileges in Aventura, Fort Lauderdale, or any of the other cities in Florida. Let’s review some of the more common causes:

Failure to pay Fines and Court Costs

One of the most common reasons that licenses are suspended in Florida is the failure to pay fines and court costs for traffic infractions and criminal charges. This is fixed by paying of the fines and reinstating the license. However, paying fines for certain offenses can actually cause more license suspensions or habitualization. Before you pay off your fines, contact a lawyer to get an assessment of your driving record.

Lack of Insurance

Florida requires that every driver has insurance on the motor vehicle they drive. Without it, your driver’s license can be suspended for up to 3 years until you provide proof of insurance. There will also be fines of up to $500 assessed with the suspension.

Serious offenses

Any serious offense where a motor vehicle was used to commit a crime can be cause for the suspension or revocation of your driver’s license. Some of the more serious offenses include manslaughter, DUI/DWI, leaving the scene of an accident, or using the vehicle to flee or evade an officer.

Too Many Points on your license

Florida uses a point system for driving violations. Collecting too many points can mean a suspended license. The points assigned to your license depend on the type of violation.

  • 12 points in 12 months means a 30-day suspension of your driving privilege.
  • 18 points in 18 months means a 3-month suspension of your driving privilege.
  • 4 points in 36 months means a 1-year suspension of your driving privilege

Here are the Florida point values for various offenses (this chart comes from the Florida Highway Safety and Motor Vehicles office)

15 mph or less over the speed limit 3 Points
More than 15 mph over the speed limit 4 Points
Speeding resulting in a crash 6 Points
Moving Violation  
Moving violation (includes driving during restricted hours and parking on a highway outside the limits of a municipality) 3 Points
Moving violation resulting in a crash 4 Points
Failing to stop at a traffic signal (effective October 1, 2005) 4 Points
Passing a stopped school bus 4 Points
Reckless driving 4 Points
Leaving the scene of a crash resulting in property damage of more than $50 6 Points
Improper lane change 3 Points
Violation of a traffic control sign/device 4 Points
Open container as an operator 3 Points
Child restraint violation 3 Points
Littering 3 Points
Inaccuracies in your Aventura Driving Record

You might have taken the Florida driving course and it was not recorded. You might also have had traffic tickets or other arrests on your record that have not been examined by the court.

What are the penalties for Habitual Traffic Offenders in Aventura?

A habitual traffic offender is defined as a person who has accumulated 45 points on their driving record or convicted of multiple offenses within a five-year period. Any person who has three or more convictions of one or more of the following violations from separate acts is considered a habitual traffic offender.

  • Manslaughter as a result from operating a vehicle
  • DUI
  • Any felony conviction involving the use of a vehicle
  • Driving with a suspended or revoked license
  • Failing to administer aid at an accident scene that resulted in the death or injury to another person
  • Any person with 15 convictions for moving violations resulting in points.

If you have received a letter from the Department of Highway Safety and Motor Vehicles and classified as a habitual traffic offender, your license could be suspended for five years.

Who do you call for driver’s license violations in Aventura?

If you have been arrested for driver’s license violations in Aventura, talk with criminal defense attorney Anthony Anise. He does things differently, and he will ceaselessly work to get you the most favorable result. A free no-obligation consultation is just a phone call away. Call now.

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